The High Cost of Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks are not exactly reasons to call an emergency plumber for help in the middle of the night. They are, however, important to take care of as soon as possible. This is because even the smallest leaks can cause costly damage over time. As a matter of fact, some families are letting $100 a year go down the drain literally. Besides the wasted money, the water itself gets wasted. Additionally, leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow around the house. Visit the following site if you are ready to stop wasting money. See

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How to Install Your New Washing Machine

Although washing machines are expensive, purchasing a new one offers numerous advantages. New washing machines outperform older ones and are often much more energy efficient. Before you can begin enjoying your new washing machine, you must hook it up to your water supply. Hooking up your new washing machine can be relatively easy; therefore, you may be able to it yourself without needing to hire a professional plumber.

How to Save Money and Avoid Calling a Plumber

The retailer that you bought your new washing machine from may offer to install it for you. However, if they charge for this … continue reading

Warning Signs That Your Water Heater May Need to Be Replaced

You don’t realize just how much you rely on your water heater until you suddenly find yourself without one. Everyday tasks such as doing the dishes or washing clothes become far more difficult. Not only that but you can forget about a nice, warm shower. Avoiding this situation starts by properly maintaining your current water heater and monitoring it for signs of wear. By knowing what signs to look for and taking action as soon as you notice a problem, you can minimize the likelihood of your water heater giving out. Check out these tips for identifying potential problems before … continue reading

Sewer line cleaning

Warning Signs that Your Sewer Line Needs Cleaning and Some Common Causes

Sewer lines are something that nobody ever wants to think about having to deal with because they are so nasty and gross but if you have a home with a sewer it is probably inevitable that you will have to clean your line out someday.

You certainly don’t want raw sewage backing up into your home as it can be a very unsanitary and smell awful. Here are a few warning signs that you need to do sewer line cleaning and what the causes might be that it … continue reading

Sneaky Plumber Tricks of the Trade

Although most plumbers are honest and helpful professionals, there are some unscrupulous elements that tend to try dodgy tricks on the unsuspecting consumer. This is why most homeowners hate calling a plumber. Just thinking of placing a phone call to a plumber makes them uncomfortable. Here are some of the sneaky tricks of the trade that you should learn to recognize. It will help you avoid dodgy contractors and choose an honest pro.

1. Working unlicensed and uninsured

Although uninsured and unlicensed tradespeople charge less, you are taking a great risk by hiring them. Most cities in the country require … continue reading

48 Plumbing Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Repairs

There are a number of plumbing problems that homeowners face. The good news is that there are many tips that are cost effective and possible for all to follow. Our specialized plumbers have compiled a full list of 48 tips to reduce your water bills and avoid plumbing repair costs. Feel free to share this list to all your family members and friends so they benefit too.

Washing Machines, Dishwashers and Ice Makers

Conserve water pressure and temperature by running the washing machine and dishwasher during off times and at night. Look for weaknesses, leaks and bulges in the supply… continue reading

6 Simple plumbing Checks to Save Money

Perhaps U.S. Historian Ben Franklin was talking about a home plumbing inspection when he uttered his famous “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” line. What Big Ben was trying to so aristocratically say is that the best way to avoid an emergency plumbing call is by performing regular inspections and maintenance on the pipes and appliances in your home. In much of the same way that individuals avoid the doctor because they’re scared of the results, there may be some discoveries that you make during the inspection that could cause sleepless nights. Remember though that finding … continue reading

Is it Wise to Replace Furnace at the Same Time as Installing a New Central Air Conditioner?

When a person gets up enough nerve to finally see the doctor it represents a perfect time to clear up all the issues that have been ailing them, a sort of “while you’re in there, doc”. To be honest there’s not really that many differences between the trip to the physician and getting repairs done to a home. Most homeowners put off much-needed repairs to plumbing, roof shingles, and HVAC systems only to have the contractor or service technician fix up a bunch of defunct items all at once.

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Plumbing Contractors: Why You Need Them for Large Plumbing Jobs

On large jobs, many of us hire plumbing contractors to complete the job. Plumbing contractors have the knowledge and experience that it takes to see a large plumbing job through from start to finish. It takes years of learning and on the job experience just to become a plumbing contractor; so people who need that big job done know they are putting it in good hands. Here are some of the main functions that a plumbing contractor performs on a big plumbing job.

1. Provide Estimates – a plumbing contractor knows what it will take to get a big plumbing … continue reading

Helpful Suggestions and Reminders for Improving the Air Quality in your Home

If you asked most people if the air is worse in their home or outside an overwhelming number of people would say the latter. In truth we get a false sense of security in our homes and the air that we breathe inside them is usually much worse than that outside the home. Part of the problem is the very things that were designed to help and that is homes are so well insulated these days that they are sealed airtight. Whatever is present in the air in your home stays there until you do something about it. Here are … continue reading